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Sinus Infections: 4 Nutritional Sources to Help Protect Your Sinuses
I was exposed three separate times recently in direct, close-up interactions that lasted for hours or even days. How did I avoid the viruses? I credit healthy eating, exercise, good sleep, and four supplements (in addition to my daily dose of high-quality vitamins and supplements). I believe these helped support my immune system by overcoming some deficiencies. I will identify and describe them below.
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Lurking Grief, Years After Loss: 3 Steps to Reduce its Power over You
If a society has no word for grief, does that mean the people living in that society feel no grief?
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Beauty Sleep Is Possible: 7 Tips for Better Sleep
If you are like most of us, you are probably tired of being tired. Stress seems to be an unavoidable part of our lives and a reason we do not sleep as much as our bodies need.
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Mindful Eating Habits
Eating with intention can improve your health. Healthy eating can improve your energy and weight issues.
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Finding joy through gratitude
Lately, we’ve heard so much about practicing gratitude. Does it really make a difference?
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How to overcome the overwhelm
Do you often feel overwhelmed? Would you like to take control of your life again?
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