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What is Tia's Book Chat?

Tia’s Book Chat is an exploration into how thoughts impact your life, what you can do to discover your true Self, and how you can take more control of your life. The goal is to achieve more clarity of thinking, better health, and more joy!

After decades of training, research, and teaching, I have discovered a valuable path to better health and more joy-filled living. And the route is surprisingly simple. It’s all about thoughts.

The journey begins with an online discussion chat group to help you dig down into the root of the problem and guide you forward to healthier thinking and a more joy-filled life. The course will focus on Own Your Thoughts OWN YOUR LIFE. It will be facilitated by the author, an experienced educator, Teresa S. Neal, PhD.

Teresa S Neal, PhD. smiling

That’s me!!  I am Dr. Neal, but you are welcome to call me Tia.

Through a series of thought exercises, explanations, and examples, we will explore how thoughts are connected to body, mind, and spirit.

Together we will discover how to become more consciously aware of our thoughts and how knowledge is obtained. We will begin to realize who we really are and why we want to take responsibility for our choices and our lives.

You will also be invited to join a private Facebook group where you can share meaningful quotes and thoughts related to the book we read each month. This allows you to interact with other group members 24/7 in a safe, positive community of caring individuals. The purpose of the discussion posts is to invite questions, explore thought-provoking ideas, and share successes and gratitude with others.  

Tia’s Book Chat provides you the opportunity to find camaraderie and a caring cohort with whom you can share your thoughts, questions, discoveries, and successes. You will be involved in an uplifting community of respectful individuals whose unifying goal is to transform their own lives to be healthier and more joy-filled.

Here's what one of my former students had to say about my class:

“Any generally curious person will find this book engaging. Dr. Neal inspires readers to continue to think long after they’ve closed the book. While the examples, exercises, and explanations are engaging, the ideas and perspectives that the book raises will stick with people for years afterwards and help them to live better lives.” ~Ben Beese

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Tia’s Book Chat brings people together to read and discuss meaningful books. The goal is to help us better understand our thoughts and our inner Self, and ultimately, transform our lives to be healthier and more joy-filled!

How does the book chat work?

Tia’s Book Chat offers three ways to participate in book discussions:

1. Tia's Online Book Chat - An online opportunity to chat and study with the author

Join in weekly for a guided reading and discussion of Own Your Thoughts OWN YOUR LIFE. Explore how thoughts impact our lives and how you can take more control over your life and your health. We will also share books and quotes that motivate and inspire us.

2. Ongoing community conversations

Participate in a private Facebook group to share meaningful quotes and thoughts related to the books we read. Interact with other group members at your convenience in a safe, positive community of caring individuals. Share and respond to questions, explore thought-provoking ideas, and highlight your successes and gratitude with others.

3. Live facilitated discussions

Discussions of additional books, chosen by participants, will occur via Zoom. The discussion groups will be kept relatively small and will be facilitated by Tia (a.k.a., Dr. Teresa Neal, PhD) or volunteers. The sections of a book to be discussed will be determined ahead of time so you can be ready to participate actively, if you so choose.

What type of books will be discussed?

First up in Tia’s Book Club is Own Your Thoughts OWN YOUR LIFE. The guided discussion will be offered several times during the year. We will then venture into other books, which will be determined by the composition and interests of the book discussion groups.

Own Your Thoughts Own Your Life book cover
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Value of guided discussion - $150,

Now being offered for free.

The first chapter of Dr. Neal’s book,
Own Your Thoughts OWN YOUR LIFE, has changed my life. That may sound cliché, but it is my truth. “You can choose to be a miserable victim…or you can choose to be motivated and take control of your life and your own thoughts.” I chose to take control, and Dr. Neal showed me how to do it. By doing the easy and enlightening exercises in each chapter and discussing the concepts chapter-by-chapter with the others in Dr. Neal’s weekly chat group, I have gained even more insight. A month after that first transformative chapter, my relationships have improved dramatically, I feel in control, and I am living a healthier, happier life.  ~Sue

Tia's Book Chat Guided Discussion for Spring 2023 begins Tuesday, April 21.

The discussion group will be limited to 11 participants meeting together via Zoom.

  • Meet online once a week on Tuesday from 6:15 to 7:30 MT (8:15-9:30 ET)
  • Author-led discussion of Own Your Thoughts OWN YOUR LIFE will focus on a chapter or two each session