Are you ready to elevate your thinking and begin to transform your life?

After decades of training, research, and teaching, Dr. Neal has discovered a valuable path to better health and more joy-filled living. And the route is surprisingly simple. It’s all about thoughts.

“Waking up and insightfully acknowledging not only our own thoughts, but also who we truly are—and are meant to be—is the meaning and purpose of a life well lived.”
- Teresa S Neal, Ph.D. Bestselling Author & Award-Winning Educator

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Join the community of people living more thoughtful, healthier, and joy-filled lives by taking ownership of their thoughts.

“Most books on Mindset are fluff, mere pop psychology. Dr. Neal has written an in-depth book of techniques and strategies to change your life. I guarantee that in this book you’ll find plenty of cutting-edge information to alter your way of thinking.”
-Robert G. Allen, Best-selling Author
“Any generally curious person will find this book engaging. Dr. Neal inspires readers to continue to think long after they’ve closed the book. While the examples, exercises, and explanations are engaging, the ideas and perspectives that the book raises will stick with people for years afterwards and help them to live better lives.”
-Ben Beese, Former student
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What are readers saying?

This is a book that will both make you stop and think but also want to turn the next page… and it’s all in the interest of improving your life! The thought exercises are an intriguing, interactive part of the book. Have you ever thought about your thoughts? You will! Take control of your life, this book will help you take ownership of your life starting with the simple / yet not so easy task of evaluating your thoughts.”
“Own Your Thoughts Own Your Life really delivers. It is full of insights & discussions to help us understand how we think. The exercises that Dr. Neal includes are practical and really help reinforce the learning. Dr. Neal was finishing the book as we were grappling with COVID-19, and she addresses its impact too. It’s thoughtfully written and interesting. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking more understanding into how they think or who is studying/engaged in mental health.”
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Start transforming your thought-life with the first of many carefully crafted Thought Exercises in Own Your Thoughts, Own Your Life that will guide you through taking ownership of your thoughts in order to experience the life you truly want to live.

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